Miniature Polymer Clay The Hagrid's Hut and Buckbeak of Harry Potter Movie Scene

Pumpkin patch outside Hagrid's Hut

Tiny Buckbeak Clay

Disney Tsum Tsum Clay

Miniature Disney Tsum Tsum Clay

Workshop Miniature Fairy Garden Clay in Central Park

Special THANKS to Fimo Indonesia n Done Handymade

Resin Bag Charm Sea Shell

Miniature Polly Pocket Vintage Doll House In a Candy Tin. Bed Time 1992

Handmade Clay Vintage Polly Pocket inspired. This handmade collectible item are not toy.

The Candy tin are from impact candy tin and i cover it with Fimo Polymer Clay, Fimo Metallic Powder, and gloss varnish.
The Polly Pocket is about 6cmx5cmx2cm

Mini Figure Polly, blonde shoulder-length hair, brown hair band, white pajamas with blue stripes, blue shoes, holding orange teddy bear (the figure are remake from cozy cottage 1993) the mini figure size are smaller than original blue bird toys and movable. u can put the Polly figure in bed, sofa, etc.

100% handmade item from polymer clay.

Noblesse Anime Clay

Anime Chibi of Regis K Landegre, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and Seira J Loyard

Fairy Garden in Tea Cup WORKSHOP

Hai2... Wimpy Clay present Workshop Miniature Clay dengan tema "Tea Cup Fairy Garden".
Sesuai dengan temanya, sudah pasti clay yang akan dibuat adalah miniature rumah peri yang diaplikasikan diatas gelas cantik shabby chic berbahan dasar keramik.

Materi yang akan di pelajari:
Teknik miniature rumah Peri
Pengenalan Metallic Powder dan aplikasinya
Teknik baking miniature 

Price include lunch, clay, material, tea cup and saucer, tools dipinjamkan
Limited seat 6-8 max. FEE : 600K (special price untuk pendaftaran Early Bird 550k)

supported by Fimo Polymer Clay and Done Handymade.

Gold Fairy Dust

Miniature Polymer Clay Up House

Miniature Clay Disney Prince and Princess in Polly Pocket Size

I got order for Disney Figures in Polly Poket Size.
Work In Progress

Miniature clay Aladdin
Miniature Clay Princess Jasmine

Miniature Figure Pocahontas Clay

Mini Figure Disney Smith Clay

Mini Figure Snow White Clay

Miniature Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Inspired

Hello, today I'm gonna show you my artwork Miniature Hogwarts Castle. 
It’s been a while I want to make this castle, and finally it is done
Behind the scene:
I watched all Harry Potter Series from the beginning until the final, take some photo shoots of the Hogwarts Castle.
Google picture also help me to show different angles of the castle.
I use “Fimo Polymer Clay” in the process of making this Miniature.

you can view the details on my Youtube Account

Clay Polly Pocket Figure Basic

Hii this post haven't finish yet. I will upload the detail after finish the order of my Polly Pocket Figure.
I got many order for Polly Pocket figure since it is so rare now. We all miss the vintage polly pocket and have no idea to get them all except buy the second hand from ebay, etsy, etc and it's also not so easy to get the figure that what we want. So here i am to make custom made figure for you, complete what u love 😆 
i love polly pocket so much 😢😢😢

After coloring figure

My first 3 basic figure

On process face paint

Height comparison

I love her