Wimpy Clay founded in 2009, it starts from a hobby into a business today.
Wimpy Clay provides a wide range of quality Handmade Clay creations that can be customized from the shape, color, layout based on the concept and creation of customer request.

It is suitable for gifts Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine, Christmas Gift , Baby BorN, Accessories, Displays, etc. Clay that we used to use high quality clay, with bright color, non- toxic and not moldy ^^

Why is Art Expensive??

Why Art is Worth It?
1. Basic materials contain high grade quality for premium artwork. All made from Japan, Korea, US, Germany
2. Trial & Error. Creating clay artwork needs a lot of experiments, time, and experiences to make it interesting for clients.
3. Other Task: Customized and Interactive Background (Graphic Design skill- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Painting)
4. Packaging comes with Card Board, Bubble Wraps, gift box brand and Shipping label, etc
5. Production Limit: All of our productions are customized concept, hand-made clay, not mass production. Therefore, we can produce a very limited amount of production daily. You won’t find the same products elsewhere.

That’s what makes Wimpy Clay Artwork Special and Unique Since 2009.
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