Perban jempol

 I forgot to announce my other artwork for you. I started selling my Perban Jempol (thumb about 2 or 3 months ago

 it comes with many figures. You can choose the figure and send thumbs up to your friend/family. I used clay for the detail (eyes,mouth, etc)
Fall in love thumb's

 couple thumb's

Cute pirates thumbs
 Sad thumb to cheer your friend
 get well soon thumb
sending middle finger to ur buddy. Lol
 thumb's up for graduation

Sending Thumb's down when you get mad with someone

 It comes with cute packaging and you can write personal message inside the box
 Some order for graduation thumbs up
Follow IG: perban_jempol

Share thumb's up and wishes to your friend..

Ship Worldwide
WA: +6282113320088 (no call)
Line @wimpy_clay (use@) (subject: perban jempol)

Thank's a bunch ;D