Polly Pocket Clay on Candy Tin Project

Back to 90's.. I miss my childhood playing polly pocket. And for the first edition, i make Polly Pocket Girls bedroom theme.
Handmade Clay Vintage Polly Pocket inspired. This handmade collectible item are not toy.

The Candy tin are from impact candy tin and i cover it with resin clay and vernish gloss.
The Polly Pocket is about 6cmx5cmx2cm
Mini figure Prince and princess, horse and carriage NOT removable.

100% handmade item. 
Please be advice that this artwork comes from the resin air dry clay which is not waterproof and fragile. Please keep it away from water. The seller is also not responsible for any damage. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Before i cover the candy tin with clay

I cover all the candy tin using resin clay.

To make it look shiny, I seal it with silver colour and glossy vernish.

the Girl figure is not removable